Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words that Work in a Crisis

Today we saw two very different leaders - one local one world. Each is dealing with shocking and distressing events. Each does it brilliantly. Obama is working from a beautiful, statesmanlike script. The grief and the loss of those in Arizona are woven into stories of those who died (which give comfort)and the meaning of these killings for America (which provokes thought). His delivery is melodious, compelling. His demeanor is serious, sincere.

Anna Bligh is exhausted after days of disaster. Her announcements are factual, but her emotions are on view. Her delivery is natural. She's a real woman - she could be your Mum or the School Principal. She too is distressed, but she's the person in charge and she does what she encourages others to do - keep on going. 'This weather may break our hearts but it will not break our will...we can pull through this'. And somehow, you believe her.

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