Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Presentation Skills Courses!

Speaking Skills for Scientists and Technical Experts

Your career and your organization’s success are built on your knowhow. People are hungry for your help–but experts can be hard to understand. The passion and intellect that made you an expert can make you a great public speaker as well. Come along to discover how.

Presentation Skills for University Students

Is there a buzz in the room when you present? No? Want to know the secret?
For many students, speaking in public is a nightmare. Learn how to be confident, calm and collected. Discover tricks to win your audience over. Be remembered the next time you speak!

How to write winning proposals

Are you confident you know the best way to write bids, tenders, applications and proposals? In this course you’ll discover what to do to and what not to do. You’ll learn to plan and scope. You'll master the art of persuasion, build compelling arguments, learn reader-centred writing and produce documents people want to read. You’ll win the work, get the grant or have the green light for your next project!

Professional Policy Writing Workshop
Organisations need good operational policies. The good news is that the art of writing policy is not too mysterious to master. With lots of practical tips and how-to’s, this one day course will equip you to write policy documents that impress. Learn to say what you mean in professional language, and compile documents that look good, read well and are user-friendly.

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